This four year plan is a sample and only for planning purposes; this is not an official document. You are required to meet with an Academic Advisor each semester.

Year One: Fall
(15 units)

Year One: Spring
(15 units)

Cornerstone (CORE 100C – 1 unit)
Persuasive Writing (ENGL 120C)
Foundations of Literary Study
(ENGL 240)
Foundations of Christian Life (THEO 101C) or Intro to Theology (THEO 103C)
Social Science Requirement
(ANTH 102C, PSYC 103C or SOCI 100C)
Lifetime Fitness & Well. Lect. & Lab
(KINE 145C – 1 unit and 146C – 1 unit)
Data Analysis (MATH 145C)
or Intro to Statistics (SOCS 265C)
U.S. Government or U.S. History
(POLS 155C or HIST 156C)
Speech Comp. & Presentation
(COMM 201C)
New Testament Survey (NT 101C)
Social Science Requirement
(ANTH 102C, PSYC 103C or SOCI 100C)

Year Two: Fall
(16 units)

Year Two: Spring
(17 units)

Researched Writing (ENGL 220C)
Survey of British Lit I (ENGL 260)
Beginning Spanish I (SPAN 101 – 4 units)
Old Testament Survey (OT 201C)
Intro to the Arts (FINA 215C)
or Other Fine Arts Requirement
The Empirical World & Lab  (NSCI 210C – 4 units)
Survey of British Lit II (ENGL 262)
Beginning Spanish II (SPAN 102 – 4 units)
Modern Gramm. & Adv. Comp. (ENGL 375)
World Civilization (HIST 203C)

Year Three: Fall
(15 units)

Year Three: Spring
(15 units)

Survey of American Literature
(ENGL 309)
English Upper-Division Emphasis Elective*
Shakespeare (ENGL 455)
Dev. Christian Worldview (THEO 300C)
+Elective (3 units)
Theory & Criticism of Lit. (ENGL 465)
Survey of World Literature (ENGL 433)
English Upper-Division Emphasis Elective*
+Electives (6 units)

Year Four: Fall
(16 units)

Year Four: Spring
(15 units)

Christian Heritage (CHIS 400C)
English Upper-Divison Emphasis Elective*
+Upper-Division Elective  (3 units)
+Electives (7 units)
English Capstone Seminar (ENGL 499C)
English Upper-Division Emphasis Elective*
+Upper-Division Elective (3 units)
+Electives (6 units)

*English Emphasis Elective

Choose an emphasis & fulfill 12 units (4 courses) in one of the following areas:

Writing Emphasis Requirements (12 units)
ENGL 210 Technical Writing __________________________ENGL 320 Journalism
ENGL 350 Creative Writing ___________________________ENGL 442 Playwriting
ENGL 438 Creative Writing Workshop __________________    ENGL 451 Writing Internship
ENGL 453 Language, Culture, and Linguistics

Literary & Textual Analysis Emphasis Requirements (12 units)
ENGL 325 Period Focus ______________________________ENGL 335 Genre Focus
ENGL 360 Dramatic Literature: Script Analysis __________     ENGL 425 Author Focus
ENGL 464 Thematic Focus  ___________________________ENGL 444 Culture Focus
ENGL 315 Teaching English in a Multicultural Setting

Future Teachers:
POLS 155C U.S. Gov’t, ENGL 315 Teaching English in a Multicultural Setting, and ENGL 453 Language, Culture, Linguistics are required for English Single-Subject Matter Waiver Program.