Want to intern at a literary agency, church, a major trade publisher, tutoring center, or a magazine?  English majors who wish to pursue careers in literary journalism, free-lance writing, publishing, and writing for web media (professional website design, creative content manager, marketing, blogging) are encouraged to enroll in ENGL 451 Writing Internship.  Our English majors recently interned at Orange Coast Magazine, Harper Collins (Los Angeles), hometown newspapers, and television stations.

ENGL 451 * Writing Internship (3 units)

Prerequisite: Junior or senior status and a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Actual work experience in a business firm as a writer, providing an opportunity for the practical application of student writing skills under direct supervision. Additional reading and writing are required, together with regular meetings with the instructor. May be repeated to a maximum of six units.

How do I find an internship?

1. Pray specifically about what you envision.  How will God use your gifts in this field?  What work are you qualified to perform?  What experience do you hope to obtain from the internship?

2. Update your curriculum vitae and internship cover letter.  We recommend that you make an appointment at the Career Development Services Center for a c.v. & cover letter workshop.

3.   Research regional classifieds and local organizations.

4.  Make copies of your c.v. and letter… then mail them out and wait for responses.

5.  Once you choose an internship, ask your academic advisor to provide a letter confirming that you will receive college credit (no wages) for your work experience.  If it is a paid internship, you will not receive college credit.

Internship Opportunities for English Majors

Connect Magazine  at Calvary Chapel

Harbor Christian Learning Center

VU Office of Diversity Programming & Mobilization

Alumni Relations and Vanguard Magazine
Joel Gackle – joel.gackle@vanguard.edu     

Marketing & Communication
Erin Hales – erin.hales@vanguard.edu

Global & Local Outreach
Kayli Hillebrand - kayli.hillebrand@vanguard.edu

Career Services