Dr. Laurie Camp Hatch, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English

PhD and MA in English from Claremont Graduate University.  Dr. Hatch’s research interests involve the intersection of science, religion, and literature in the 19th century and gendered narrative discourse.  Her teaching interests include Victorian literature and poetry, the development of the novel, and contemporary British and Irish theater.  She is working on several projects: one involves how discoveries in optical science affected the writings of George Eliot and George Henry Lewes.  Dr. Hatch joined the Vanguard University faculty in 2011.

ENGL 120C Persuasive Writing
ENGL 220C Researched Writing
ENGL 260 Survey of British Literature I
ENGL 262 Survey of British Literature II
ENGL 300C Literary Perspectives
ENGL 315 Teaching English in a Multicultural Setting (lab)
ENGL 340 Children’s Literature
ENGL 325 Period Focus, Victorian Novel
ENGL 335 Genre Focus, Detective Fiction
ENGL 464 Thematic Focus, Theopoetics: Responding to God through Poetry 
ENGL 389 C.S. Lewis Seminar I
ENGL 433 Survey of World Literature
ENGL 464 Thematic Focus, Bible as Literature
ENGL 465 Literary Theory & Criticism
ENGL 486 Advanced Research Methods
ENGL 489 C.S. Lewis Seminar II

Laurie Hatch