Warren Doody, wdoody@vanguard.edu M.F.A. Professor of English and Theatre Arts. M.F.A., Chapman University; M.A. M.A., Northern Arizona University. Emphases in Script Writing, Creative Writing, Playwriting, Shakespeare, and Dramatic Literature.

Laurie Camp Hatchlaurie.hatch@vanguard.edu Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of English.   Ph.D. and M.A. in English from Claremont Graduate University.  Research interests involve the intersection of science, religion, and literature in the 19th century and gendered narrative discourse.  Teaching interests include Victorian literature and poetry, the development of the novel, and contemporary British and Irish theater.

Jennifer Russum, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of English.   PhD and MA in English: Writing, Rhetoric and Literacies from Arizona State University. Research interests center on new media and digital literacies.  Dr. Russum enjoys teaching Researched Writing, Digital Writing and Design, and Creative Nonfiction.  

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