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Fit for Green
Fit for Green gamifies the creation of renewable energy in the gym using social media as a platform. Today there are several companies that retrofit gym equipment so that energy created by users can be captured. Fit for Green will partner with these companies so that the ROI from these energy capture systems becomes more about leveraging social media, green energy concepts, and friendly competition to draw people into the gym. This new ROI model will be a catalyst for renewable energy machines in all gymnasiums replacing calories burned with watt/hours created as a measure of fitness accomplishment.

 Costa Mesa Sanitary District

Costa Mesa Sanitary District provides curbside trash collection and sewer services to residents in the city of Costa Mesa, portions of Newport Beach and unincorporated sections of Orange County.The CMSD is governed by a five member Board of Directors, each elected to a four year term.  District maintenance, operations, and administration is provided by a dedicated staff of twelve employees. The CMSD has received several awards, most notably the District of Distinction Accreditation by the Special District Leadership Foundation, one of the most prestigious local government awards in the state of California.

The mission of Pasadena Heritage is to identify, preserve and protect the historic, architectural, and cultural resources of the City of Pasadena through advocacy, education, and oral histories.

As one of the oldest historic preservation groups in Southern California and the second largest in the state, Pasadena Heritage has played a leading role in such preservation efforts as saving Old Pasadena (the city’s oldest commercial district, once derelict and now one of the greatest downtown revitalization success stories in the country), the Colorado Street Bridge, the Huntington Hotel, the 710 Freeway and the historic houses in its path, the Civic Center, and the Blacker House. It also works regularly to protect and enhance individual properties and historic neighborhoods.

Visit our website pasadenaheritage.org and Facebook page facebook.com/PasadenaHeritage to
learn more.

NYR Organic

Our Philosophy- We’re passionate about transforming people’s lives, educating and empowering them on how to live more healthily through the power of nature.

Our Vision- To be a world leader of natural health and beauty, enabling people to live more healthily.

Our Mission– To improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing our expertise and encouraging a more natural, holistic way of health, beauty, and well-being.

Effectiveness-Our formulations must benefit mind, body, and well-being, use potent herbs, oils, and extracts, and meet our own incredibly high standards of efficacy.

Environment-We are proud to be the first UK retailer to be certified CarbonNeutral®. Our belief in sustainability means we use only the wild, organic, and natural ingredients nature can afford to give. We avoid polluting, toxic, or harmful substances, and we don’t over-package.

Empowerment-By listening to our customers and staff, and through sharing our knowledge, we can inspire and empower people to live more healthily and enjoy greater well-being.



OC Green Drinks

Orange County Green Drinks is a casual, monthly get together for anyone and everyone interested in chatting about and advocating all things “green”.  Visit Facebook.com/ocgreendrinks for more information and how to get connected.


 Center For Living Peace

Center for Living Peace in Irvine, is a non-profit peace education center dedicated to empowering people to make Good Happen and be part of the solution in their local community. When you take a class at Center for Living Peace, every dollar you give for our programs with The Ecology Center, Orange County Museum of Art and Smiling Monkey Yoga is paid forward; so when you take a class with us, you aren’t just teaching your kids about the environment, art or yoga, you’re making Good Happen for someone else in your local community. This thread of service through our programming connects you to the local community and empowers you to be the change. So sign-up today, and make Good Happen with us. Learn more at www.GoodHappens.org.


 Guayaki Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a stimulant from the South American Atlantic Rainforest that encompasses the strong energizing effects of coffee, more antioxidants than green tea and the euphoric qualities of dark chocolate. It provides a distinctly focusing form of energy and does not lead to the upset stomach, crash or jitters as common with other stimulants. Guayaki Yerba Mate works with indigenous groups in South America, providing fair trade wages, reforesting/preserving the rainforest, and producing the highest quality shade grown organic yerba mate available.

Guayaki’s yerba mate comes from the leaves of a holly tree that grows indigenously throughout the South American Atlantic Rainforest.  Our company’s Market Driven Restoration Business Model allows the indigenous rainforest groups that we work with to keep their rainforest intact while growing their yerba mate under the rainforest canopy rather than clear cutting the land for traditional farming practices. Guayaki’s mission is to steward and restore 200,000 acres of rainforest and create over 1,000 living-wage jobs by 2020.The rapidly expanding University Hot Mate Brewing Program allows universities to brew yerba mate next to coffee for students. Customized Education Stations at the brewing station track each university’s contribution to the rainforest by the amount of mate that they are consuming through our third party verified impact reports. This program educates students on sustainability through commerce while providing them with the nourishment and energy they need for long hours of studying. http://guayaki.com/

 Gray Designs, www.Graydesigns.org, Patricia M. Gray

Patricia M. Gray is an artist, photographer, author, journalist, and editor.  Currently, Ms. Gray is focusing on Gray Designs, a company she founded to showcase her art which includes: Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor, Ceramic Tile and Upcycle Art including glass slumping.

She cares deeply about the environment, is an avid volunteer, tennis player, surfer and hiker.  Ms. Gray is the mother of her best creations yet, four children.  Ms. Gray lives green with her husband and kids in Orange County, California.


  Plant With Purpose

Plant With Purpose is a Christian, environmental non-profit organization that transforms lives in rural areas worldwide where poverty is caused by deforestation. Focusing on holistic solutions to poverty, Plant With Purpose has been restoring the lives of the rural poor for over 25 years by planting trees, creating economic opportunity through micro-credit and micro-enterprise, implementing sustainable agriculture programs, and encouraging spiritual renewal.




These various companies and organizations from many different industries will be creating a welcoming environment to cultivate opportunities to network and engage with people interested in other ways that sustainability is transforming lives and companies.

Exhibitor Opportunities

Exhibitor: Exhibitors will be able to display products and information at a table during the event networking breaks and lunch period. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to:

  • Display their organization and products at a display table at the venue. Display exhibit will occur during breaks and lunch hour.
  • Network with other environmentally conscious individuals and businesses to make connections and create lasting contacts.
  • Effectively market and promote interest in your product or service
  • Company will be listed on our website

Exhibitors will be asked to donate a raffle item.

Want to be an exhibitor? Send us a message! Contact elizabeth.vasquez@vanguard.edu