James Herman, President

James Herman is a Junior at Vanguard University, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. He is the President of the Vanguard University 2012-2013 Enactus team. His passion for Enactus stems from his belief that business can play such a pivotal role in our planets sustainability and is expressed across Vanguard’s campus and everyone he comes in contact with. Post graduation, James plans to follow a path that will lead him to the investment banking industry or financial analysis industry, and later on, a career in Architectural Engineering. His vision for Enactus this year is to give back to Vanguard’s community and continue to change the world through the positive power of business.

Tyler Muzzy, Vice President of Administration and Recruitment

Tyler Muzzy is a Sophomore at Vanguard University, major in Business Administration. He is the Vice President of Administration and Recruitment for Enactus Leadership Team. Tyler’s competitive fire and love for people make him want to change the lives of others through Enactus. Tyler also works in the athletic department as well as the theater department at Vanguard University. He has a huge passion for sports and hopes to work as a Corporate Manager or Director of Operations for Nike.

Katharine Jablonski, Vice President of Marketing

Katharine is a senior at Vanguard University majoring in Business Marketing. Katharine is in her first year of Enactus leadership and is thrilled to be able to make history with her team. She was a member of Enactus last year, volunteering as a certified VITA tax preparer. Katharine’s travels and compassionate heart drives her to encourage others to nourish the entrepreneurial spirit. After graduation, Katharine plans on getting hands on experience in the work force before pursuing a Masters degree. She also wishes to travel back to Ethiopia for fun and to learn more about the coffee industry in a culture that has captured her heart. Katharine wishes to use her education from Vanguard and Enactus to change the world through the positive power of business.

Rachel Martin, Vice President of Finance

Rachel Martin is a Sophomore at Vanguard University, double majoring in Accounting and Religion. She is the Vice President of Finance for the 2012-2013 Enactus Leadership Team. Rachel was a member of the Competition Team last year, where she caught the vision of the organization- to make a difference! VITA- Volunteer Income Tax Assistance- is the way she plans to make a difference this year, helping underprivileged families get their taxes done for free. After graduation, Rachel plans to work for an CPA firm that specializes in non-profits and church organizations.

Elizabeth Vasquez, Director of Finance

Elizabeth Vasquez is a Junior at Vanguard University, majoring in Accounting. This is her first official year on the Enactus Leadership Team as Director of Finance. She has a passion for sustainability, with an interest in supporting organic and local farms. Elizabeth plans on graduating in May 2014. Post-graduation she plans to either get her Master’s degree in Business Management or continue a career in management. Elizabeth has many goals but to her the most important goal is to make a career out of her passions.