Diversity Dialogue with Kenia: Bill Gates’ Contribution to Latino Education

By Kenia Cueto

Bill Gates was the natural selection for my first blog post on diversity, as his contributions have stretched the globe and have changed lives for generations to come.  His philanthropic efforts through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation made way to his decision to step down from his CEO position at Microsoft to tend to his new obligations to give more of his wealth to charity.

Gates has received numerous awards and honorary doctorates for his humanitarian work. He and his wife, Melinda have devoted their lives to empowering children, women, organizations and countries to partner alongside the foundation to  follow in their vision in the quest for a better world.

Diversity in multifaceted areas targeted within the foundation has led them to focus on many needs, one of which is education in America. Creating goals for all students to graduate college-ready has made way to new measures and programs within the private and public sectors of education. Serving the underprivileged and minorities has also been a focus.

As a Latina, a product of immigrant parents, and first generation college graduate, I find joy in knowing we are being “targeted” in a positive way. I was elated when I found out the Foundation had collaborated with Univision and other large organizations to create an educational campaign, appropriately called Es el Momento (It’s Time). I personally stopped watching Spanish language television because I found it difficult to find educational shows with intellectual topics. Thanks to the foundation, I have started to see a changing trend which has crossed over to multimedia such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Education is a tough sell to the Latino population because we are diverse within our culture. Fortunately, I found multiple Univision- Es el Momento videos on YouTube which are aimed at parents, students, and teachers; these videos provide guidance and share vital information that otherwise would not be known.  Additionally, these videos are bilingual, delivered in both English and Spanish. Their messages are extremely important, therefore, I challenge you to watch them, share them, and pass them on, especially to parents of first generation students.

Univision : La educación para los padres (Espanol)

Univision : Education for parents (English)

Univision : Teachers must be a source of inspiration

Univision : Early childhood education is key

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