All of Our Lower Division Classes:

    • $60 off per unit discount click here
    • Completed courses in 8 weeks Click Here To View Class Schedule
    • Courses are completely online (including the Practicum course)
    • Meet the California State Permit Requirement and many other state’s requirements**
    • Are transferable to any college or university in the US
    • Can be taken in any order


    • Students completing individual courses in Early Childhood Education are considered Students-at-large.  The Student-at-Large designation indicates students who are non-degree seeking and selecting individual courses.   Student-at-large students DO NOT receive financial aid but if you are working in the field of ECE (children 0-8 years) you may be eligible for the $60 off per unit discount.  Click Here

    • *To apply for the Certificate, Associate or Bachelor Degree please click here: Certificate, AA, BA  Application.


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**Note: Vanguard’s Early Childhood Education students are from across the nation and world and it is not possible for us to guarantee which courses will meet each state’s/country’s formal training requirements in early education. It is the students’ sole responsibility to confirm with their local state licensing/accreditation agency which ECE courses will meet their formal training requirements. Students should confirm prior to registering with Vanguard which courses meet the requirements for their state/country.  

Watch how the ECE program at Vanguard University goes beyond the classroom.

…and beyond the expected.

  Early Childhood Education classes not offered to residents in the following states: Alabama, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Whether you need one class to meet employer requirements or simply want to gain professional development, Vanguard’s Online Early Childhood Education Program makes it easy to take the classes you want and need in a format and schedule that works with your life as a student-at-large.