Leadership as Relationship

I have been back from residency for about a week.  It truly was a roller coaster ride.  8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day.  Each class offered new terms, new strategies for execution, and new professors.  To say I learned something is putting it lightly.

But I think if there is one thing that stood out to me, it is relationship. It was a common thread throughout the week.  2nd and 3rd year students kept telling us how they couldn’t have made it as far as they have without their friends in their cohort.  Faculty kept emphasizing the importance of regularly communicating with them and with one another.  And lastly, our group project was on leadership as relationship.

Yes, even with being in class all day long, we had to find time to put together a 15 mintue presentation on leadership as relationship.  This was the most challenging assignment given because you have a group of 10 overachievers that have just met and are under stress attempting to work together.  The last day one of my classmates led us in a discussion on the MBTI.  It was fascinating to hear how our unique personalities first clashed with each other and later on came to support and create synergy among ourselves.  I know they will be my support as we move forward.  We created a covenant that we signed and scheduled a weekly time to teleconference and pray together. 

When we think about leadership, as Christians we must think about Christian leadership and how it should look different than the world’s definition.  While I learned a lot about myself working with a new team and about leadership as a relationship, one group provided a quote that really stood out to me by Roy Lessin.   

 A Godly leader… finds strength by realizing his weakness

  …finds authority by being under authority

  …finds direction by laying down his plans

  …finds vision by seeing the needs of others

  …finds credibility by being an example

  …finds loyalty by expressing compassion

  …finds honor by being faithful

  …finds greatness by being a servant

Let us all aim to be Godly leaders. 

Jamie Brownlee
Director, School for Professional Studies