What is the cost of a Early Childhood Education course?

$355 per unit lower division*
$510 per unit upper division

*Students may qualify for a $60 per unit discount. Students must complete ECE Discount Form to provide proof of current employment. For more information regarding the discount, click here.

(Textbooks are extra.)

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By what date must I register?

See current Early Childhood Education schedule for registration deadlines.

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When and how do I pay for my class?

Payment must be received the Friday before the “Class Start Date.” We are pleased to now be utilizing “MyBill.” With MyBill, you can pay in full or set up a Tuition Payment Plan using  debit cards. You may also pay by check, money order, or cash (in person at the Accounting Office).

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Are there prerequisites for enrollment?

Since these courses are college level, you must be at least 18 years of age to enroll and have a high school diploma or equivalent. No prior college experience is necessary. A working knowledge and understanding of computers, word processing, and the internet is required.

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Does the course meet at a specific time?

Courses are offered in a seven-week format. Each online course is delivered via the Internet. Students and their instructors can interact online without having to be online at the same time. Students are required to log on and participate in discussions throughout the seven-week session. Each course week runs from Monday through Sunday night. Students follow their class syllabi for assignments, quiz/test and other course related requirements. Students are required to login to their class by the Tuesday (5 pm PT) of week one in order to not be locked out for non-attendance.

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Are the online courses similar to an independent study course?

No, these courses are not an independent delivery format; the course is based on online interaction between students and their instructor(s). The class syllabus will provide the students with weekly requirements for their class.

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Do online students need any special software to take an online course?

Students are required to have access to a computer, internet service, email capabilities and a word processing software such as Word.

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Are tests or quizzes given online?

Test and quiz requirements may vary by course and will be explained further by each instructor via the class syllabus.

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Are there any grants available for Early Education teachers?

If you are employed by a child care/development program that is funded by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, you may be able to receive the California Development Training Consortium grant. Please visit the CDTC website at http://www.childdevelopment.org for more information.

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How do I order my books?

Books required for courses are available online from the Vanguard Bookstore at , or by calling them toll-free at 877.593.6058.

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My school needs proof that I am registered in a class, how do I get it?

After your registration is completed, you may request a copy of proof of enrollment from the Professional Studies office (714.668.6130) or by emailing a request to ecedadmissions@vanguard.edu.  This is not an official transcript.

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How do obtain my Certificate once I have completed the Certificate Program?

If you have completed the Certificate Program at Vanguard and are looking to obtain your Certificate, contact the ECE Students Services Coordinator, Nancy Harris (nancy.harris@vanguard.edu)

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I need a catalog description of the courses I am taking, how can I get that information?

You can print a copy of the catalog description for the ECE course(s) by going to the Early Childhood Education course description.

Vanguard’s Early Childhood Education students are from across the nation and world and it is not possible for us to guarantee which courses will meet each state’s/country’s formal training requirements in early education. It is the students’ sole responsibility to confirm with his/her local state licensing/accreditation agency which ECE courses will meet their formal training requirements. Students should confirm prior to registering with Vanguard which courses meet the requirements for their state/country.

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How do I get a copy of my official transcript? What is the cost?

You can download a transcript request form and mail it to the Records Office (instructions are included with the form). Transcripts cost $4 per copy. After a transcript request is received, it will take approximately 7 to 10 business days to process. Rush copies are available at an additional cost.

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What is the “Grade Appeals Policy”?

As stated in Vanguard’s student handbook: “Grades submitted by faculty to the Office of the Registrar are considered final. Students who believe a grade was assigned in error must contact the instructor of the course to review their records. Submission of a grade change to the Office of the Registrar can be made by the faculty member no later than two semesters following the term in which the grade was originally assigned.” For ECE, requests for exceptions to this policy must be made to the ECE Student Services Coordinator.

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If I have a learning disability, may I request reasonable class accommodations?

When an online student has a learning disability and requests reasonable class accommodations, the student must do the following:

  1. Establish eligibility with the ECE Office by providing:
    Legal documentation including a certified, appropriate, current documentation of testing from a qualified specialist and the testing report that includes:
    i. test scores
    ii. diagnosis
    iii. how the student’s learning is affected
    iv. a narrative report discussing recommended accommodations
  2. Make a formal written request for accommodations to be reviewed by the ECE Office with accommodations to be finalized by the Director of Learning Skills. Results will be sent to the student in a timely and confidential manner.
  3. Provide a copy of the accommodations letter to the instructor.
  4. File any grievance by contacting the instructor to begin the process. If the grievance is not resolved, then contact should be made with the ECE Student Services Coordinator.

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Academic Probation and Disqualifications

A student is subject to Academic Probation based on the following guidelines:
• A student may be placed on academic probation following a full semester in which as student’s current or cumulative GPA drops below a “C” (2.0) average. During this time, the student may not register for more than 12 units during the probation period. Academic Probation will continue for the student until both the current and cumulative GPA are raised to 2.0.

A student is subject to Academic Disqualification based on the following guidelines:
• If after acquiring Probationary status the previous semester, the student earns a current GPA below “C” (2.0) in the subsequent semester.

A disqualified student must apply for re-admittance as well as submit a petition in order to be considered for re-admittance. For details on this process, please see the VU Catalog.

Note: Often registration for subsequent terms occurs before completed grades for the previous term are submitted by instructors. Students are advised that they may acquire Immediate Probation or Immediate Disqualification status from the previous term well after starting their new term. Students in jeopardy of Immediate Disqualification should register for the next term at their own risk. Should Immediate Disqualification occur, the student will be dropped from all subsequent courses.

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