Complete your certificate with Vanguard quickly and conveniently, from your own home. All classes are completely online, even the Early Education Practicum. The lower division 10 class ECE Certificate Program at Vanguard’s School for Graduate and Professional Studies represents an overview of all the courses considered by professionals in the field as essential for competent preschool teachers. If you do not already have your degree, this lower division certificate program is accepted as the required coursework for approved Early Childhood Education Associates’ transfer degree or Bachelor’s Degree. Financial Aid is available with this course of study.  Click here to view course schedule

Coursework (30 units)

Tuition: $355 per unit       $60 per unit discount click here

  • ENGL 110 Vanguard Foundations of College Writing I
  • ECED 101 Child Growth & Development
  • ECED 103 Child, Family & Community
  • ECED 106 Introduction to Curriculum for the Young Child
  • ECED 108 Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children
  • ECED 126 Teaching in a Diverse Society
  • ECED 132 Early Education Practicum
  • ECED 135 Health, Safety & Nutrition for the Young Child
  • ECED 137 Observation & Assessment
  • ECED 150 Spiritual Formation of Young Children

Note: We currently do not accept transfer units for the Certificate. All of our classes, however, are transferable to any college or university in the country. (We also take transfer units for our Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education).

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