Authorizes holder to provide service in the care, development, and instruction of children in a child care and development program, and supervise a Teacher, Associate Teacher, Assistant, and an aide. The permit also authorizes the holder to serve as as coordinator of curriculum and staff development.



24 units ECE/CD including core courses (ECED 101, 103, 106)

  • Plus 16 units of General Education (online and on campus)
    Plus 6 Administration Units (ECED 121 & 123)
    Plus 2 adult supervision units (ECED 139)

16 General Education Units

*The Certificate Program would complete 8 of the courses required for the Master Teacher Permit.


  • BA or higher (does not need to be ECE/CD related)
  • ECED 132 Early Education Practicum
  • 4 ECED Courses (12 units)
    • ECED 101 Child, Growth, and Development
    • ECED 103 Child, Family, and Community
    • ECED 106 Intro to Curriculum
    • Choice of ECED 108, 126, 135, or 137


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