California has a series of requirements for California permits to work in an assortment of positions available in early education. Whether you want to be an associate teacher, teacher, master teacher, site supervisor, or program director, the Vanguard has the early education classes you need to complete your education and apply for a California permit. Gaining education for the child development field is easy and you can work to obtain an entry level assistant permit by completing only 2 classes (in 2 1/2 months)!

Get started today and begin working in the field while you complete your additional education and work toward a fulfilling career, including a Teacher, Site Supervisor or Program Director.

Click on the permits below to find more information on what each permit enables you to do and what requirements are necessary:

Note: Vanguard provides the early childhood education classes required by California. In order to apply and receive a California permit, you must do so through the state. To ensure your classes will meet state requirements, we always recommend you check with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.