Benefits of Investing in Early Childhood Education

As a society, we invest in many things – the money market to increase our savings, insurance to provide a monetary safety net, even charities to benefit from the tax write-offs.

My husband and I dabbled in the stock market years ago. Our broker kept assuring us that the longer we left our money in, the more it would grow. That was true, up to a point – at one time there was a sizable hunk of money in our portfolio.

However as these things go, when the market crashed we lost our experimental nest egg, and could only laugh imagining our statements turning into bills: “You owe us for having a negative balance, please pay XXX immediately.” Fortunately that never happened, but we did learn a valuable lesson – certain investments are doomed to fail.

According to the Children’s Defense Fund, “Studies have shown that investments in quality early education can produce a rate of return to society significantly higher than returns to most stock market investments…” What an encouraging fact to  read!

Unlike the stock market, “investing” in early childhood education is virtually risk free, because the life of a child will never decrease in value.

So when you’re assessing the benefit of  investments this year,  don’t forget to invest in the most important commodity of all – our children.

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Photo courtesy of the Children’s Defense Fund.