Contact Information

Vanguard University

55 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-9601

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Graduate Programs

Admissions Information & Program Inquiries, 877.669.8872 or 714.966.5499
Clinical Psychology, Education, and Religion— Credential, Master’s Degrees

School for Professional Studies

Admissions Information & Program Inquiries x3901
Jamie Brownlee, Director, x3900

Undergraduate Program


General Information, x4100
Admissions inquiries and campus tours, 800.722.6279 or 714.966.5496

Administration Offices
Carol Taylor, President, x4001
Jeff Hittenberger, Provost, x4011
Bob Allison, Vice President for Business and Finance, x4021
Kelly Kannwischer, Interim Vice President for University Advancement, x5451
Ann Hamilton, Vice President for Students Affairs, x4041
Kim Johnson, Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management, x4051

General Information, x2305
Director of Athletics, x2301
Softball Coach / Sports Information Director, x2303
Head Athletic Trainer, x2390
Women’s Basketball Coach, x2310
Men’s Basketball Coach, x2350
Baseball Coach, x2330
Women’s Soccer Coach, x2321
Men’s Soccer Coach, x2320
Men’s & Women’s Tennis Coach, x2340
Women’s Volleyball Coach, x2370
Cross Country & Track & Field Coach
, x2380
Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach, x2385
Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Coach, x2365

School of Business and Management
Undergraduate Program, x3700

School of Education
Childhood Development Program, x3440
Liberal Studies, x3400
Graduate Programs in Education, x3300

School of Psychology
Undergraduate Program, x3600
Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology, x3500

Department of Religion
Undergraduate Religion, x3238
Graduate Programs in Religion, x3237

College of Arts & Sciences
Anthropology, x2600
Art, x3092
Biology, x2713
Chemistry, x2713
Communication, x2902
English, x3238
History-Political Science, x2600
Kinesiology, x2713
Mathematics, x2713
Music, x3002
Sociology, x2600
Spanish, x2600
Theatre Arts, 2953

School for Professional Studies
Business, x3901
Psychology, x3901
Religion, x3901
RN to BSN Nursing Program, x3901

University Services & Resources Alumni
Alumni Director, x2024

Bookstore Manager, x4715. For questions about textbooks, tradebooks, special ordering of books, emblematics (items with a VU logo), graduation regalia, recorded music, academically priced software, used book purchases, i.e., buyback.
Textbooks for SPS students can be purchased online at

Business Services
General Information, x4300
Cashier, x4327

Campus Safety
Main Number, 714.966.6799
Director, 714.556.3610 x4990

Church Relations
x2001 Fax: 714.957.9317
The Church Relations Office (CRO) serves as a liaison between the University and the churches of the Southern California District Council of the Assemblies of God, as well non-A/G churches in the area, and those throughout the country who have students at VU. Contact the CRO to schedule a Vanguard music group or a speaker for your church.

Counseling Services
Beth Lorance, Acting Director, x4489
Counseling Offices (make appointments or contact any therapist), x4488

Diversity Programming Department
Thandi Dinani, Director of Diversity Programming, x4915

Event and Facility Resources — 714-966-5483
Wedding and Conference Information and Reservations

Financial Aid
General Information, x4252

Human Resources
General Information, x4400
Joe Baffa, Director, x4401

Information Technology (IT)
Help Desk, x4500
For information and technical assistance with on-campus network and Internet connectivity, computer labs, telephones, and voice mail.

Leadership Development
Lexy Benoit Gioielli, Director of Leadership Development and Activities, x4940
Graduate Intern of Student Government, x4950
Graduate Intern of Student Activities, x4945

General Information, x5474
Direct Line (after 5PM) 714.966.5474

Mail Room/Copy Center
General Information, x4747

Public Relations
General Information, x2044

Office of the Registrar
General Information, x2250
Transcript Information, x2268

Resident Directors
Joel Gackel, Newport & Balboa Hall, x4835
Rachel Lund, Catalina Hall, x4840
Ryan Moyher, Huntington Hall, x4845
Bethany Palmer, Laguna Hall, x4825
Shelley Youd, Vanguard Center/Interim Director of Transitions, x4850
RD Office (located inside the Bridge), x4851

Residence Life
Student Life Center, x4800
For housing assignments, residence hall floor plans and furniture, meal plans, residence hall activities/programs, etc.
Tim Young, Director of Residence Life, x4830
Allison Hesse, Housing Coordinator, x4820

Spiritual Formation
Vince Beresford, Campus Pastor, x4930
Josh Harrison, Coordinator of Local & Global Outreach, x4910

Student Life
General Information, 714.556.3610 x4800

Student Success and Retention
Amanda Lebrecht, Director of Student Success and Retention, x4780

Youth Ministry Relations
Anita Hann, x4181
Contact the Youth Ministry Relations Office (YMRO) to post or inquire about the Church Classified Ad bulletin, to schedule or inquire about VU camp teams (the “Delivery Boys” and “Entourage“), and to find out information about VU students going to high school youth groups to minister. Youth pastors, please contact the YMRO regarding any questions you have about Vanguard.

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