Hallmarks of the Program:

• Small Class Sizes, One-on-One Mentorship

• Christ-centered, close-knit learning environment

• Students encouraged to develop their own work outside the classroom

• Stair-step learning structure that focuses on visual craft and storytelling

• Professional Faculty that continue to win awards, work with top talent, create their own work, and bring their expertise and research into the classroom

Unique Characteristics:

• 24/7 access to Industry standard technology, equipment and studios

• Filmmaking equipment can be used for any work, not only for class assignments

• Social and mobile media innovation

• A focus on the visual nature of storytelling and graphic design

• VUSN TV offers the opportunity to create TV Network programming

• Utilize unique tools, like super 8, to learn the craft and invent new expression

• Students develop a portfolio throughout their academic career to show to prospective employers upon graduation as an example of their capabilities

• A focus on creating change through the power of media