Jenna ellis

Interning at the Sundance Film Festival

Jenna Ellis was starting to get nervous. As a graduating senior in her final semester, Jenna was trying to find a great internship to end her college years at Vanguard and enter into the real world with a great resume and great experience.

She had sent out her resume and asked around a bit but hadn’t really gotten much feedback. “I was definitely worried about being able to get an internship,” explains Jenna. “That’s when I happened to send an email to Park City Television and I discovered another intern had dropped out at the last minute. The supervisor had to get the press pass list to Sundance in just a couple of hours. He checked out my work and resume online and hired me right away.”

“I flew out to Park City and began my internship on January 20th. On day one I was thrown right into the swing of things and I went with an employee to the opening Press Conference where I met some incredible people and saw Robert Redford. I began working right away by filming the event and learned firsthand what I would be doing for the rest of the week. Once I finished filming I would go back to Park City TV station, edit my segment and get it ready to air the following morning. It was a whirlwind week where I filmed red carpet events, movie reviews, manned a camera for live tapings in the station and did some sound mixing.”

“One of the awesome things about this whole experience was not only did I meet some neat people, but I was ready and confident with any job that was assigned to me. Everything that I learned in The Network in Production class, which I took for two semesters at Vanguard, prepared me for everything I did. In that class I learned live streaming and it helped with so much with what I did during Sundance. My editing class also paid off in dividends and it was so neat to find out that my education at Vanguard is is really at the forefront when it comes to the media field. There was a special panel that I taped at Sundance about marketing on the web and facebook, and it was something that I already learned last year in class. It was awesome to see my education come together with this great opportunity and to see that the professors at Vanguard really care and know what they are doing.”

Cinema Arts students are required to take 3 units of internship as part of their coursework at VU. Professor Ann-Caryn Cleveland explains, “The internship is a crucial step towards a students’ future career. In order to continue to better equip students for their internship experiences, the Communication Department plans to add a new one unit required course called ‘Preparing for the Internship’ this fall .”

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