A personal note from the Director of Forensics

As a former competitor in all aspects of forensics I believe that it is the single most important extra curricular activity that a student can participate in. No matter which event(s) you choose to compete in you will improve as a public speaker, critical thinker, citizen and Christian. It is my personal endeavor to see our competitors embrace ethical competition and scholarship. Furthermore, while nobody competes to lose, it is my belief that winning should be kept in perspective. As far as this team is concerned the trophies are a by-product of hard work and dedication. You as an individual will progress and grow in ways different than other members of this team – and that’s okay.

At Vanguard we have the unique advantage of competing for a Christian University and I see each tournament as an opportunity to allow those without personal knowledge of Christ to see the love of God through us. At tournaments we both socialize and compete with students from secular institutions that do not necessarily embrace our worldview nor do we necessarily embrace theirs. However, through the positions that we take, the topics we choose, the arguments we make and even our simple presence at tournaments we can be both salt and light to a world that does not know our Jesus. In a world that is oftentimes hostile toward traditional Christian stances and values, forensic competition is an unbeatable opportunity to reflect Christ-like love and character to others.

During the competitive year, the team spends so much time together that we have become a “family” of our own. Our “family” works together, travels together, eats together and laughs together. Forensics is hard work – yes, but the benefits outweigh any of the disadvantages. If this “forensic family” sounds like something you’d be interested in being a part of, then it is my hope and my prayer that you get in touch with me so we can chat.


Karen Nishie
Phone: 714.556-3610, extension 2907