The Communication Department at Vanguard University is committed to:


Creating an environment in which the student can study the principles and concepts of Communication within the context of exploring and deepening their Christian faith commitment.


Giving the student an understanding of the foundational theoretical principles of Communication that in turn will have professional, social, interpersonal and general pragmatic utility.


Providing the student with a basic understanding of the depth and breadth of the discipline, and ensure they have the necessary intellectually sophisticated skills to think critically, creatively and analytically about the field.


Providing resources such as faculty mentors, guest lecturers, and technology that will deepen the students’ appreciation for and knowledge of the discipline as well enriching the academic life of the university as a whole.


Imparting the student with the knowledge and ability to find and utilize educational resources within and beyond the University walls to further expand knowledge after graduation.


Southern California is the media mecca of the world. Vanguard students have opportunities for summer internships and great jobs with with international, national and regional communication companies, major television networks, motion picture studios, and production companies. It’s also a great place to help students get their feet wet in their chosen fields, helping them make wise career decisions.

Internships in Residence

The internship opportunities are endless in the media mecca of the greater Los Angeles area. Vanguard’s ideal location gives students a unique opportunity to connect with international communication companies, major production studios and industry professionals.


Students have exciting opportunities to engage in active learning such as field trips, expert guest lectures, festivals, internships and screenings. The Department of Communication is a participant in the National Communication Association’s Lambda Pi Eta student honor society, National Religious Broadcasters, the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, and the L.A. Film Studies Center.