Graduate Etiquette

  • Plan to be at the ceremony at least one hour before your ceremony start time.
  • Inform your guests that Vanguard University has provided instructions for them via this website. Print them a copy if they do not have internet access.
  • Please wear approved academic regalia – cap and gown with any honor cords or stoles, if applicable. Students not in compliance with approved academic regalia will not be permitted to participate in the Commencement ceremonies.
    • Attire beneath the gown should be semi-formal. Comfortable shoes are recommended as the campus is large and graduates do a fair amount of walking and standing. Since this is a formal occasion, please do not wear flip-flops or athletic shoes.
  • Candidates for bachelor’s degrees, please note that your cap should be worn so that it sits parallel with the ground, with the tassel hanging to the right. During the ceremony, your officiant will ask you to move your tassel from the right front side of your cap to the left as a mark of the official awarding of your degree.
  • Master’s candidates should wear your caps with the attached tassel hanging to the left.
  • During the ceremony, it is customary for men to remove their cap.  Please watch the Provost for indications as to when to wear the cap and when to remove it.
  • Please follow the instructions of staff and ushers during the ceremony.
  • Celebrate your accomplishment in a way that is in keeping with the solemnity of this occasion. Keep in mind that your colleagues have worked long and hard to enjoy this day — do not allow your celebrations to disrupt the ceremony.



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