A Message to the Class of 2016

Dr. George O. WoodDear President Beals and Graduates:

I keep my Dad’s old manual Royal Typewriter next to my computer at work.  I know most all of you who graduate today have never even seen a manual typewriter, let alone use one! The juxtaposition of the two at my desk is a constant reminder that life is full of change.

You are going through one of those changes today.  Commencement seems like an ending because today your leave classroom and the dedicated faculty, staff and administration; your college friends and a raft full of memories.  But, as you know, the very word commencement means beginning – you are commencing on the rest of your life.

You will experience far greater and faster changes in your lifetime than what prior generations have experienced. But, you will find one thing that does not change.  Keep Jesus as the central focus of your life.  He remains the constant.

On behalf of the family of more than 3 million Assemblies of God members in the United States, I wish you God’s very best! Heartfelt congratulations to you, Class of 2016!


For Christ and His Kingdom,

Dr.  George O. Wood
General Superintendent
The General Council of the Assemblies of God (Springfield, MO)

May 6, 2016


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