YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE, OR OLDER, to complete this waiver online. If under 18, you must print waiver, review and sign with parent or legal guardian, then bring completed waiver to check-in.

Code of Conduct

As a student of Vanguard University, it is likely that you will have the opportunity to participate in various university activities/events/trips, both on campus and off, during your time here. This Code of Conduct will apply to all activities in which you choose to participate.


1. I will act in a mature and responsible manner at all times.
2. I am responsible for my own behavior.
3. I will observe all state and local laws.
4. I acknowledge the importance of engaging local culture with humility and sensitivity.
5. I will observe all Vanguard University policies, including those concerning alcohol and drug use. I have read and understand these policies as they are contained in the VUSC Student Handbook.
6. During participation in off-campus activities that include a ministry component, I acknowledge that romantic expressions and relationships among team members and between team members and persons we meet are forbidden for the sake of team unity, focus and witness. I understand that this includes flirtatious and exclusive behavior.
7. At group activities, I acknowledge that all participants are expected to act responsibly in relation to the property and safety of others.
a) Property: If damages occur and the responsible person(s) cannot be identified, then I agree that all participants will
share the financial consequences of the damages.
b) Safety: This includes any activity, such as horseplay, that may put others at risk, or failure to follow the directives
of team leaders.
8. I am in good physical health and can participate in physically demanding activities.
9. I have completed and attached a Medical Disclosure (required)
10. I have signed, dated and attached a Standard University Waiver. (required)

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