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Religion Department Colloquium

Religion Department Colloquium Topic: Theology and California: Theological Refractions on California’s Culture Speakers: Dr. Richard Mouw, President Emeritus of Fuller Theological Seminary and Dr. Jason Sexton, Co-editor of the Volume and Faculty member at Cal State Fullerton, Honors Department Thursday, November 6, 2014 Time: 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm Great Commission Hall, Vanguard University Refreshments […]

“Tis the Season…” for Reconciliation

Derrick Rosenior, a VU Communication prof, gives practical suggestions for bringing “peace and goodwill” to your world. This Christmas season, I’m drawn toward the climax of the angel’s song the night the shepherds were told of the Messiah’s birth.  “… Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and […]

A Bad Rap for Pilgrims?

My wife, Millicent, has over a dozen of the Mayflower Company, the Pilgrims, in her family tree. (Don’t get all that impressed: they now have over 30 million descendants! Those Pilgrims had lots of kids!) In reading about them, so I could tell our kids about their heritage, I found some fun facts and some […]

The Student Body President speaks!

The president of the SGA (Student Government Association) embodies what Vanguard University is all about. Ashlee Kildiszew, SGA president, a VU senior, was the speaker at one of the opening Chapel services early last month. What young woman doesn’t relate to the story of Esther, who rose up to save her people? Ashlee related that […]

A sacred space.

“I was filled with the Spirit during a prayer meeting in the Men’s Tower while I was a student here,” says the 10th president of Vanguard, Dr. Michael Beals. “President Kraiss told me just to relax after I had prayed to be baptized in the Spirit a couple weeks before, and it hadn’t happened. Next […]

A perfect mix.

What do you get when you mix Vanguard students and the people of your church? Kelly Kannwischer, Vice President for University Advancement and President of the Vanguard University Foundation, shares how you can connect your congregation and Vanguard students. Delivery Boys and Entouräge, Vanguard’s popular camp ministry teams, are back this year. These two groups proclaim […]

Honoring Grads

Brenton Fessler, adjunct professor at Vanguard University in the area of Youth Ministry, gives this list of suggestions for honoring that special graduate in your life, in this month’s Beyond VU. Buy them a Bible in an easy-to-read translation that includes study notes and/or concordance. Examples would be TNIV, NIV2011, or NLT. Offer to buy […]

Reflections on a Diagnosis I Never Wanted to Hear

This month’s contribution comes from Roger Heuser, Ph.D., Professor of Leadership Studies at Vanguard University: Late on a Tuesday afternoon, while reviewing my lecture notes for an evening class, I received a call from the doctor who had recently removed a cyst from my arm. He told me that a second pathology report from UCLA […]

5 Tips for your Online Communication

Much like Jesus, who stood boldly amidst the crowds to voice His message of truth, Christians also have a call to speak to the masses, and now have new online tools with which to do it. Learning from what Jesus did, it’s vital to understand the difference between preaching at a crowd, and ministering to […]