The Student Body President speaks!

Ashlee Kildiszew, Vanguard University The president of the SGA (Student Government Association) embodies what Vanguard University is all about.

Ashlee Kildiszew, SGA president, a VU senior, was the speaker at one of the opening Chapel services early last month.

What young woman doesn’t relate to the story of Esther, who rose up to save her people? Ashlee related that story to today’s world as a challenge to those who “have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this.”

In her conclusion, she summarized where VU is now. On one level, she reported, we have a great guy for a new president (“Yay!” from the crowd), and a new soccer field (“Woot, woot!” this time). On another level, reports have come of students being healed physically in a class on Old Testament, and in a prayer time the week before, several students spoke in tongues for the first time.

“There is the possibility of your entering into the life of God here; step into it!” she challenged. What made her remarks all the more powerful was her personal story. She was not raised in a Pentecostal Christian tradition, and all this was new when she came to VU as a freshman. But she asked questions, responded to truth, and consciously decided to follow Christ. Her life has taken a different and wonderful direction. New students can do that now too!

I was imagining some of the saints from Azusa Street, or Needham’s “School of Ministry” visiting Chapel that day. I could picture them being surprised by what students wore! But they would love the worship, and feel at home with Ashlee’s challenge!