A sacred space.

Michael Beals, Vanguard University

“I was filled with the Spirit during a prayer meeting in the Men’s Tower while I was a student here,” says the 10th president of Vanguard, Dr. Michael Beals.

“President Kraiss told me just to relax after I had prayed to be baptized in the Spirit a couple weeks before, and it hadn’t happened. Next time, I was filled and spoke in tongues, praise just flooding out of me for a couple hours!”

Vanguard became a place where Mike experienced God’s presence many times and was, in many ways, a “sacred space” where he was discipled. During his days as an undergraduate and graduate student, then as a professor after getting his doctorate in Christian Ethics at Fuller, and eventually to this last year as University Pastor, Mike has seen how God connects with people at VU.

Having learned how to move toward God’s fullness, Mike is committed to seeing VU continue to expand its role in teaching and modeling the Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered life.

He began his term as president here Aug 1, 2013. Read more of his personal story here. A gifted preacher/teacher and veteran pastor, Mike is available for your church, and can be contacted at