Physics to be joining Organic Chemistry as a summer school offering!

nuclearfisics_bodyThe Department of Chemistry is offering CHEM 304/L – Organic Chemistry 1 (6/2/2014-7/11/2014) and CHEM 305/L – Organic Chemistry 2 (7/14/2013-8/22/2014) this summer, including the accompanying labs!

PSCI 103/L – General Physics 1 (6/2/2014-7/11/2014) and PSCI 131/L – General Physics 2 (7/14/2013-8/22/2014) are being offered as well. If you are interested in a calculus based physics course, please email If enough students are interested, we will add that series to our summer offering as well!

In addition, we are offering General Chemistry 2 (5/12/2014-6/20/2014) and the accompanying lab.


More detail is listed at the Summer School Page for the Department.

Information on how to register is available here!

For a complete list of summer courses and a complete schedule, click here!

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