Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
Suggested Four Year Plan (2013-2014)

This four year plan is a sample and only for planning purposes; this is not an official document.  You are required to meet with an Academic Advisor each semester.

124 Units

Year One: Fall (16 units)

Year One: Spring (15 units)

Principles of Biology I (BIOL 111/L)
General Chemistry I (CHEM 120/R/L)*
Pre-Calculus (MATH 170)* if necessary
Cornerstone (CORE 100C)
Persuasive Writing (ENGL 120C)
General Chemistry II (CHEM 121/R/L)
Calculus I (MATH 180)
New Testament Survey (NT 101C)
General Psychology (PSYC 103C) or Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 100C)

Year Two: Fall (15 units)

Year Two: Spring (16 units)

Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 304/L)
Calculus II (MATH 181)
Cell Biology (BIOL 220/L)
Foundations/Christian (THEO 101C) or Intro. to Theology (THEO 101C/103C)
Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 305/L)
Intro. to Spectroscopy (CHEM 308)
Chemical Literature (CHEM 310)
Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 252/L)
Old Testament Survey (OT 201C)

Year Three: Fall (16 units)

Year Three: Spring (12+2 units)

Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics (CHEM 456)
Instrumental Analysis & Lab (CHEM 4xx/L)
Molecular Biology (BIOL 440 and 440L)
U.S. History (HIST 156C) or U.S. Government (POLS 155C)
Speech Composition & Presentation
Physical Chemistry: Kinetics & Stat. Mech. (CHEM 457)
Physical Chemistry Techniques (CHEM 456L)
Literary Perspectives (ENGL 300C)
Developing a Christian World View (THEO 300C)
Undergraduate Research (CHEM 485)**
Fine Arts Requirement

Year Four: Fall (14 units)

Year Four: Spring (14 units)

Biochemistry (CHEM 430)
Experimental Techniques in Biochemistry (CHEM 430L)
Mechanics and Heat (PSCI 223/L)
Intro. to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 102C)
World Civilization I (HIST 203C) or World Civilization II (HIST 204C)
Advanced Biochemistry (CHEM 435)
Electricity, Magnetism, & Light (PSCI 225/L)
Capstone Seminar (CHEM 499C)
Christian Heritage (CHIS 400C)
Lifetime Fitness Lecture/Activity (KINE 145C/146C)

* Math Placement test required during Welcome Week; Chemistry Placement Test administered online before the start of class.  If unable to enter CHEM 120, then CHEM 112/L should be taken and CHEM 120 will be taken in the Spring with CHEM 121 taken in the Summer of First Year; if unable to enter MATH 170, then College Algebra and Trigonometry will be needed before taking MATH 170 (possibly need to be taken as JC or in spring). A core course may be substituted if MATH 170 is unnecessary.

** Only offered during the summer.

Note:  Those courses listed in italics are one of several alternatives; see the VUSC University Catalog: Chemistry Major Requirements for details.  Also note that one additional elective unit must be taken to meet the 124-unit requirement for graduation.