VU ALEKS Chemistry Placement Exam

Courses in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology at any institution is demanding; and Vanguard University is no exception. To help you prepare for college-level chemistry at VU, the Department of Chemistry requires the placement of all incoming students who want to take chemistry (either Chem 112C/L or Chem 120/L), regardless of major. The Placement Exam that the Chemistry Department uses is sponsored through ALEKS. ALEKS is an online-assessment and homework management system. Once you purchase access to this web-based program, you will be able to take the Placement Test as well as enroll in the homework activities of your respective Chemsitry course.

NOTE: The most recent release of Java (Java 7) is not compatible with some ALKES functionality. In particular, student responses to certain ALKES questions may not be recorded by the system.

The newest ALKES plug-in and instruction for installation are available by clicking on the following link:

Step 1: Purchase, Create an Account, and Take the Placement Test

Click on Step 1 above (the link). You’ll be asked to enter the following course code: NL6VP-R6DX9 (updated 6/19/12).

Purchase and take the ALEKS Chemistry Assessment. The Cost is $40 for an 18-week session. You will be using this software for your homework for the remainder of the semester. This is a good option if you are only taking Chem 112C.

If you are taking both Chem 120 and Chem 121, then sign up for the 40-week session for $70. This will then pay for both semester’s homework systems.

Finally, if you are thinking you will need to be in Chem 112C followed by both Chem 120 and Chem 121, then the 52 week option may be your most cost-effective solution. This is $90.

Step 2: Improve Your Score

Utilize ALEKS Chemistry Learning Mode to increase your understanding of chemistry topics our professors consider prior knowledge by clicking on the Step 2 link above. These topics are important to your success in General Chemistry courses at VU.

The benefit of learning these topics is that you may “earn a spot” into Chem 120. You will need to earn a 100% on the Chem 112C and Chem 120 topics to earn your spot in Chem 120.

 Step 3: Add/Drop Chem 112C/L or Chem 120/L on MyVU

Login to MyVU and verify that you are enrolled in the correct Chemistry Course. In ALEKS, once you login, you can click on the GradeBook Tool (upper right corner) and view your progress. If you earned 100% on the “To be ready for Chem 112C”, you should register for Chem 112C course. IF you earned 100% on both the “To be ready for Chem 112C” and “To be ready for Chem 120″ topics, you should register for the Chem 120 course.

Disclaimer, all liberal studies students and non “Pre-Health” kinesiology majors should STAY in Chem 112C.

Help with the Chemistry Placement Exam

Contact Dr. Lorance for help and information concerning the VU Chemistry Assessment Process.

ALEKS Chemistry Tech Support

List of contacts for getting technical help.