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SCE awards Vanguard a grant for STEM Education

Southern California Edison awarded Vanguard University a grant to enhance STEM education on campus. The funded program launches Supplemental Instruction in Organic Chemistry Courses on Campus. Supplemental Instruction is a proven High-Impact Practice shown to demonstrate higher achievement, retention and persistence in the major. Assessment of STEM students across the nation reveal that many students […]

2016 Undergraduate Research Projects Announced!

Undergraduate research (UR) is a dynamic entity that is drastically different from the type graduate research that occurs at major research institutions. It allows students to learn the conventions of research through imitation and practice. It is an essential part of the internal transformation that takes place as a student begins to understand what it […]

New Placement Exam is Online NOW

***NEW*** VU SAPLING Chemistry Placement Exam Courses in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology at any institution is demanding; and Vanguard University is no exception. To help you prepare for college-level chemistry at VU, the Department of Chemistry requires the placement of all incoming students who want to take chemistry (either Chem 112C/L or Chem 120/L), regardless of […]

Physics to be joining Organic Chemistry as a summer school offering!

The Department of Chemistry is offering CHEM 304/L – Organic Chemistry 1 (6/2/2014-7/11/2014) and CHEM 305/L – Organic Chemistry 2 (7/14/2013-8/22/2014) this summer, including the accompanying labs! PSCI 103/L – General Physics 1 (6/2/2014-7/11/2014) and PSCI 131/L – General Physics 2 (7/14/2013-8/22/2014) are being offered as well. If you are interested in a calculus based physics course, […]

Organic Chemistry to be offered again this summer!

The Department of Chemistry is offering Organic Chemistry 1 (6/3/2013-7/12/2013) and Organic Chemistry 2 (7/15/2013-8/23/2013) this summer, including the accompanying labs! In addition, we are offering General Chemistry 2 (5/13/2013-6/21/2013) and the accompanying lab. Registration is open now! For a complete list of summer courses and a complete schedule, click here!

Chemistry Placement Exam is NOW Online!

The Department of Chemistry has moved to an Online Placement Exam hosted through ALEKS. ALEKS is an online-assessment and homework management system. Once you purchase access to this web-based program, you will be able to take the Placement Test as well as enroll in the homework activities of your respective Chemsitry course (NOTE: Chem 112C and […]

Use the Get Experience Site to Search for Research Opportunities in Chemistry

The “Get Experience” site allows you to easily find undergraduate research opportunities, internships, and other chemistry-related experiences for FREE! The site offers features such as keyword, location, and chemistry field searches with helpful filters and tags. Faculty can also use this free tool to post experiential opportunities for undergraduate students. Check out www.acs.org/GetExperience to search […]

Chemistry Students asked to Host Undergraduate Social at the National ACS Meeting in March!!

The Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society at Vanguard has been asked to host the Undergraduate Social event at the 241st National American Chemical Society Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA. The event is going to be held on March 27, 2011 from 8:30-11:00pm. “This is a great opportunity for Vanguard University!” states Dr. Sirvent, […]