Why Major in Chemistry at VU?

The Department of Chemistry seeks to enhance, through the Christian perspective, the student’s knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the interaction of creation, the natural laws regulating it, and the human forces influencing it. The student is expected to achieve understanding and appreciation of the philosophy, limitations, methods, procedure, and literature of science.

Personalized Instruction

Each and every class is taught by a professor, and not by a graduate assistant, as is the case at most large public universities. In addition, a low student-to-faculty ratio promotes a great deal of interaction between the student and the professor.

Non-Competitive Atmosphere

Vanguard University students are challenged individually and do not compete with their peers for grades. Grades are percentage-based, not curve-based; grade sabotage does not occur here.


A Vanguard University education isn’t all biology, chemistry, and math courses. Students at VU experience a well-rounded program of liberal arts courses and extra-curricular activities which give balance to their education. In fact, it is this balance that has made VU graduates so appealing to medical and dental schools.