New Placement Exam is Online NOW

***NEW*** VU SAPLING Chemistry Placement Exam

Courses in the Departments of Chemistry and Biology at any institution is demanding; and Vanguard University is no exception. To help you prepare for college-level chemistry at VU, the Department of Chemistry requires the placement of all incoming students who want to take chemistry (either Chem 112C/L or Chem 120/L), regardless of major. The Placement Exam that the Chemistry Department uses is sponsored through Sapling Learning. Sapling Learning is an online-assessment and homework management system. The placement exam is a free assessment. You will need to create an account (just follow the directions below).

Step 1: Purchase, Create an Account, and Take the Placement Test

1. Go to and click on your country at the top right.      

2a. If you already have a Sapling Learning account, log in and skip to step 3.      
2b. If you have a Facebook account, you can use it to quickly create a Sapling Learning account. Click “Create an Account”, then “Create my account through Facebook”. You will be prompted to log into Facebook if you aren’t already. Choose a username and password, then click “Link Account”. You can then skip to step 3.      
2c. Otherwise, click “Create an Account”. Supply the requested information and click “Create My Account”. Check your email (and spam filter) for a message from Sapling Learning and click on the link provided in that email.      

3. Find your course in the list (you may need to expand the subject and term categories) and click the link. Look for: Vanguard University of Southern California – Pre-Assessment – Fall14 – SIRVENT  

4. If your course requires a key code, you will be prompted to enter it. Keycode: Vanguard 

Physics to be joining Organic Chemistry as a summer school offering!

nuclearfisics_bodyThe Department of Chemistry is offering CHEM 304/L – Organic Chemistry 1 (6/2/2014-7/11/2014) and CHEM 305/L – Organic Chemistry 2 (7/14/2013-8/22/2014) this summer, including the accompanying labs!

PSCI 103/L – General Physics 1 (6/2/2014-7/11/2014) and PSCI 131/L – General Physics 2 (7/14/2013-8/22/2014) are being offered as well. If you are interested in a calculus based physics course, please email If enough students are interested, we will add that series to our summer offering as well!

In addition, we are offering General Chemistry 2 (5/12/2014-6/20/2014) and the accompanying lab.


More detail is listed at the Summer School Page for the Department.

Information on how to register is available here!

For a complete list of summer courses and a complete schedule, click here!