Contact us to schedule an appointment to go over your resume. Here are some resources to go over on your own or prepare you for an appointment with a career counselor:

Resume Tips

  • Your resume should be one page in length for every 10 years of experience. Remember, you can use 10 pt font and 1/2 inch margins.
  • Be tangible and use #’s (i.e.: 3 years experience providing quality customer service)
  • Use “action verbs” to describe your accomplishments
  • Always speak in the past tense, even if you still hold the job.
  • Use a layout that is easy to read. Use Times New Roman or Bookman.
  • Proof for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors!

The Anatomy of a Resume

1. Identifying Information: At the top of the first page: name, address, home or cellular telephone number and e-mail address. Usually in bold type and 14-pt font.

2. Job Objective: Keep it short and tailor it to the job to which you are applying using the company name and title of position.

Example: An internship position with CIP Real Estate

3. Summary: Summarize three to five highlights of your achievements or job-specific skills. Use bullets to make them stand out and grab the attention of the reader. These skills should be specific to the qualities outlined in the job description.

4. Education: Include your anticipated graduation date, a GPA above 3.0, check into your “Major GPA,” bold your major/minor, and generally leave off community college information

5. Work History or Experience including internships and volunteer work: List the name of the company, organization or agency, your position, the dates (month and year) you were employed, and your specific job duties, equipment you used, skills you used or learned, goals or quotas you achieved, and supervision or training you conducted. Use positive, “action verbs” to describe your experience. Avoid using flowery language or too much industry jargon. List your most recent experience first and then in reverse chronological order.

Three things to address in your 3-4 bullet points:

  1. What you did?
  2. How you did it?
  3. What was the result?

This shows employers what you accomplished in your prevuious jobs, and what you may accomplish for them.


Start your resume with our editable template!

Be sure to review our guide for Transferable Skills.

Download our Resume Guidelines for several samples (PDF).