Career Services assists students in the Work Study process by providing information about on-campus jobs and assistance in portfolio development. Work Study employment opportunities are available but not guaranteed. The process for identifying Work Study on-campus job opportunities is below:

Step 1: Identify On-Campus Job Opportunities

On campus positions are listed on the Career Services LionsLink database. Assistance with registering for and navigating LionsLink, is found in our Lions Link Student Guide. Identify on-campus positions through LionsLink, using the job search filter “On-Campus Employment” and/or search term “Vanguard”.

Departments usually recruit for vacant positions before the beginning of a term. Students should begin and continue searching one semester before they would like to begin work.

TIP: It is a good idea for students to introduce themselves to departments on campus using their Elevator Speech. This type of introduction allows the student to make a positive first impression while informing the department of his or her interest in obtaining on-campus employment. If meeting in person, students should dress professionally.

Step 2: Application Documents and Preparation

A resume and cover letter are typically used to apply for on campus positions.  To stand out during the highly competitive on campus employment search, it is helpful to utilize the Career Services Resume and Cover Letter guides to prepare your tailored documents. We also encourage students to have a career counselor review the documents before submitting an application. A mock interview appointment is also recommended. To schedule an appointment, navigate here.

Note: Career Services does not place student into positions. Each department is responsible for selecting the candidates that best suit their specific needs.

Step 3: After the Offer

If a student is offered employment, the student submits necessary employment documentation to Human Resources.

Step 4: Financial Aid Awards Type of Work Study

The Financial Aid Office will notify student to confirm student if he or she qualifies for Federal Work Study, or Institutional Work Study.

A Federal Work Study student has qualified through the Financial Aid Office for a specific Federal or State aid program. The student is granted a specific allotment of money which can be earned in an on campus position. Students earn money on an hourly basis until they have received their allotment, or until the end of the term, whichever comes first. Federal Work Study jobs are available to students who still have unmet need after traditional financial aid has been awarded. The wages earned from work study are not counted toward student income when you file the following years FAFSA, so they are a way to reduce your expected family contribution, while still having a part time job.

Any employment that is not from Federal or State programs is considered Institutional Work Study, and is funded through the individual department.