The internship search is not just about finding an opening and submitting a resume. There is a lot of preparation that goes into getting the job. Below are tips for a strategic search:

Know What Defines An Internship


  •  Gain related work experience and improved job skills
  • Earn academic units toward your degree while working
  • In some cases, earn money while learning
  • Make important networking contacts
  • Increase employment opportunities after graduation


Vanguard University Career Services

  • Your department professors
  • Vanguard Alumni through the Alumni Relations Department
  • The Internet
  • A company’s Human Resources Department
  • A company’s web site

Know Who You Are

Choosing a career calls for careful self-reflection and analysis of your values, interests, and expertise—in order to determine what type of job you want, what you can do, where you would like to do it, and what alternative choices might be. The following aspects serve as a guide to self-analysis.

  1. Make an honest appraisal of  your Interests, Values, Personality Type, and Strengths
  2. Engage in the Career Planning and Direction process
  3. Determine Your Vocational Goals

Determine the Type of Internship You Want

Narrow down to specific industries, functions, job titles, and companies. Use the resources below to  explore occupational overviews, labor market projections, salary ranges, professional associations, education or training required, the nature of the work, and ways to expand your knowledge.

Job Market Information

Printed Publications

  • The Book of Lists (Available for review in Career Services)
  • OC Business Journal
  • Business, Professional, and Industry Journals

Consider the Following Questions

  • What are the company’s goals for the short term?
  • What are the challenges for the company? 
  • Who are the competitors for a company and what is their market share? 
  • What types of positions is the company posting and why are they posting them? 
  • Have there been any recent changes in management, lawsuits, downsizing, or changes in product/service lines?

Find Open Positions

LionsLink provides local job and internship listings just for Vanguard students.

Explore additional resources for open internship listings.

Networking is Key

Networking is the ongoing process of connecting with others to build mutually beneficial professional and personal relationships. Developing this skill is essential for current students and an important aspect throughout an individual’s career pursuits and personal endeavors.

Be Safe In Your Search

While we screen employers and the positions they post to LionsLink, it is important that you educate yourself and proceed with caution and common sense.

Review these Safety Tips for Job Seekers.

Prepare Resume and Cover Letter

Resumes and cover letters are marketing tools with the primary focuses to land you an interview. Using your knowledge of the companies and inside contacts, you can write tailored resumes and cover letters. These documents allow you to demonstrate the unique skills and qualifications you could bring to the company and position. It is important to write a specific and tailored documents for each position.


Explore our Resume Tips and Resources

Cover Letter

Explore our Cover Letter Tips and Resource


Meet with a Carer Advisor to review your resume and/or cover letter

Ace the Interview

A great resume gets you in the door, but a great interview gets you the internship. Career Services can help you stand out in a positive, memorable way.

Deciding Factors Between Candidates