When I first went in to get help with me resume I was just assuming that whoever I met with was going to tell me what I needed to change on my resume and then I would be on my way.  However, once I met Kimberly and began talking with her I knew that I was going to get way more out of the appointment than I expected.  She was so nice and inviting and truly cared about my personal resume.  She wanted to know the jobs or internships I was going to be using my resume for, and this helped greatly because I was able to develop a resume that is tailored to the field I want to work in.  Her comments and revisions were all very helpful and added a lot to my resume that I did not have before going to the Career Center. I received so many resources on how to continue to develop my resume, and also things like cover letters and references pages.  My experience with Kimberly and the Career Center was amazing and I actually look forward to going back and taking advantage of some of their other services such as mock interviews.  (Nicole B.)

During my years at Vanguard as a student, I always appreciated the Career Services, in a slightly removed way. They were the ones who cared passionately about me and my fellow students enough to arrange workshops, make job postings available online, give out great handouts for writing resumes, etc. But, it wasn’t until my last year at Vanguard that the looming reality of leaving the safe haven of school hit me and the Career Services office became a personal life-saver. All of a sudden, I was desperate to know what I needed to do to navigate the world after graduation and get into Grad school. As always, the career services did not fail me. They offered GRE test workshops that I was so grateful for, giving me the techniques to succeed and also providing an avenue to ask questions about the test. The career services also helped me rewrite my resume in a way that highlighted my strengths and was professional enough to be taken seriously in the workforce. Being an English major, I thought that writing a personal statement for Grad school would be a breeze. Of course, after banging my head against the wall for a couple of weeks and writing a boringly generic draft, I decided to take it to the career service too. Thank goodness I did! With Kimberly’s guidance and advice, I rewrote a much more interesting, personal, and eye-catching personal statement that tipped the balance in my favor when I submitted it to the Grad school I really wanted to get into. I’m starting the MLIS Grad program at Wayne State University in a couple of weeks and couldn’t be more excited or grateful!

If I can give any advice to a VU student or alumni, it is to take advantage of the great resource that we have in Career Services. They want you to succeed and have made it their mission to help you do just that. Thank you Career Services for giving me a leg-up when I really needed it! (Michelle S., ’2014)


Thank you so much for talking with me about possible majors and careers.  You really helped me to get a solid start on finding a major that fits me.  I sincerely thank you for your direction and advice.  You definitely helped me develop and be prepared for this new path in my life. (M.D.)

Our two new additions to Vanguard’s Career Services Department this year have done an amazing job helping students prepare themselves for their future career paths. This year this team has been able to put on not only a very successful career fair but also great events which helped students prepare themselves to meet future employers. With helpful preparation leading to the event such as resume workshops and how to successfully network, this helped Vanguard students to gain knowledge and especially confidence in how to speak with the various companies at the career fair. Having a well-written resume and advice of how to effectively deliver yourself is extremely helpful to know, and it helped tremendously while talking to the wide-range of business professionals and recruiters. I highly recommend that students take advantage of this wonderful service Vanguard provides, it can help you prepare to land an internship that can eventually lead to your dream job. (Elizabeth V., 2014)


During the fall semester, I went to Career Services to seek some advice for possibly going to graduate school. To my surprise, the other staff at Career Services, has helped me not only with obtaining practical strategies on how to plan for graduate school, but also met with me frequently to help me work on my resume and prep for an interview. I landed a job during the spring semester! After I met with Kimberly, she connected me and a friend to a free Kaplan graduate program workshop in which we learn how to write a personal statement, how to start thinking about funding our graduate education that provided us great insight tips on how to save money. After the week of workshops, Kaplan offered us to take free GRE and LSAT test. By the way, those test can cost up to 200+ dollars, and as a college student, free things are always a bonus!I cannot tell you how important it is to get plugged in with this free resource available at school.

Back to the resume, Kimberly literally went through my whole resume, and gave me a detailed suggestion of how to make it the best possible. We edited the things that weren’t necessary and we added great active verbs of my previous job description. Believe it or not, those little minor details really help make you look like an excellent candidate. If you are a busy student or you just need some ideas on how to write a resume, Career Services has great handouts on how to do a resume. There are a few examples of resumes that professional employers are seeking. If you possibly need a job, also visit Niki. She is well connected with a lot of the VU alumni’s and the community.

Before my interview, Kimberly gave me a packet of questions that employers might ask, during the interview. I read them half an hour before the interview, and I have to 3 of the 4 questions that was asked was from the packet. During the interview I was very confident because I was able to seem very natural, and it looked like I just knew what I was talking about. Since my major, requires internship hours, I was able to use that job as an internship as well.

(Samantha M, ’2015)


The students LOVED the Networking event and were really grateful for the opportunity. Great job! (M. M.)


I found the networking event to be very helpful, even though the professionals I spoke to do not work in the field I am interested in. The event gave me insight to the real world of work. The speakers where amiable and ready to help me learn. By hearing their story, I was educated on the different directions I could go in my career. By learning about them, I learned a little bit more about myself. I look forward to the next event like this one so that I can continue to expand my perspective and make professional connections.  (T. B.)


Vanguard Career Services equipped me with the tools and self-confidence I needed to tackle my job search. After an unexpected layoff, I reached out to Career Services for any resources they could provide. From resume revisions to interview preparation, Kimberly, Mariea, and Niki were extremely helpful every step of the way. Because of the encouragement and assistance they provided, I was able to secure my dream job within 1 month of my layoff. For that, I am forever grateful. (Shannon S., ’2010)