Namhoon “August” Lee, Ph.D

Professor of Finance

Dr. Lee completed his Ph.D. in Finance in Management Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Stuart School of Business. My teaching experience at the IIT Stuart had allowed him to sharpen and develop his skills. His first exposure to teaching was as an instructor for Statistical Analysis in Financial Markets, which is econometrics. August had been teaching Economics and management science at Warner University, in Florida. He realized giving motivation and rooting God’s presence in students hearts  is more important than just transferring knowledge. His professional experience as a manager of export department at Daeyu is an asset when teaching students on various areas of business. His desire is to apply Christian principles of integrity and encourage students to live out their calling with dignity and joy. He am honored to have the opportunity to serve at Vanguard University.

Dr. Lee has a genuine passion for and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He also views his career as a calling and not simply as a job. His experiences in South Korea as well as the United States give him a unique perspective to understand the forces of globalization. He desires to steward his considerable gifts and experiences for the sake of God’s Kingdom and is particularly interested in developing the next generation of Christian business people to demonstrate integrity as they negotiate the challenges of the markets in our globalized world.

Dr. Lee is also a family man. Dr. Lee, his wife and daughter have just relocated to the Costa Mesa area.