I’m Back

Justin-McIntee After graduating Vanguard University (SCC) in 1998 with a degree in BA in Business and a MBA in 2009, God has called me back to work at Vanguard University in the Office of University Advancement.

My name is Justin McIntee and growing up in Newport Beach, I had heard of the small private Christian university in Costa Mesa called Southern California College, now Vanguard. However, I didn’t know this was where God would be directing my path.

Today, God is the center of my life.  My identity in Him has significantly impacted all the roles in my life including husband, father, business professional, and friend.  However, my life purpose has not always been so clear.  I grew up in a home riddled with drugs and alcohol.  By the time I was exposed to these things, it was natural for me to partake in a similar lifestyle being modeled in my home.  I eventually became a Christian and found my way to Vanguard by receiving a basketball scholarship.  Financial aid was the sole reason that I was able to attend Vanguard. Without that, I would not have attended VU and who knows how my life would have turned out.

It was during my time at Vanguard that my life was changed forever.  I didn’t necessarily recognize it at the time, but I was being exposed to the truth of who I really was in Christ Jesus.  The seeds of trust and faith in God were being planted in my heart during those formative years.  The transformation in my life that started at Vanguard and the joy, peace, and fulfillment that I now have in my life is truly a miracle, and for that I am grateful.

In addition to my spiritual formation, I was also being equipped with a solid foundation of education to help me be successful in business.  Faculty, staff, and coaches knew me by name, served as mentors, and helped me to not only graduate, but excel in the classroom.  To this day, I am still in touch with many of my faculty and friends.

Justin-McIntee-familyLast, but certainly not least, I met my wife Joelle during my time at Vanguard.  We recently celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary and have two beautiful children, Estella (6) and Quinn (3).  Joelle is my rock and Christ is the center of our marriage and family.

It is with a renewed sense of gratitude that I am privileged with the opportunity to lead the development efforts on campus.  I have always wanted to see the quality of the facilities at Vanguard, match the quality of the student experience.  Now I have the opportunity to be a facilitator of generosity in an effort to make that dream become a reality.

I welcome the opportunity to connect with you over coffee to hear how Vanguard has impacted your life.  I can be reached at justin.mcintee@vanguard.edu or 714-966-5440.