ACCT 225 • Principles of Financial Accounting (4 units)

Prerequisite: BUSN 165C or MATH 145C or 265C or equivalent. This course develops students’ understanding and application of financial accounting concepts, the accounting cycle processes and documents, and United States accounting and external financial reporting standards. The course emphasizes understanding the financial statements: balance sheet, income statements, statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flows. The course prepares students for financial analysis, ethical decision making, understanding fraud in the workplace and internal control.

ACCT 321 • Accounting and Finance for Decision Making (4 units)

Prerequisite: ACCT 225. Examines managerial decision-making based on accounting and financial models and analysis. The course topics include management’s responsibility to stakeholders, how costs behave, cost-volume-profit analysis, activity based costing, budgeting, standard costing, performance measurements, and financial analysis. The course continues to develop students’ understanding of annual reports and financial statement analysis within the entity’s industry.

ACCT 324 • Intermediate Accounting I (3 units)

Prerequisite: ACCT 221 with a “C” or better. Studies accounting and reporting of complex business operating activities and financing activities according to generally accepted accounting principles in the United States. Compares United States accounting standards to international accounting standards. Topics include revenue recognition, inventory valuation, and debt and equity financing.

ACCT 325 • Intermediate Accounting II (3 units)

Prerequisite: ACCT 324 with a “C” or better. Continues to study accounting and reporting of complex business activities and transactions. The focus is on the investing activities of business and financial reporting. Topics include investments, leases, earnings per share, and analysis of financial statements. The content includes the study of accounting and reporting standards in the United States with comparisons to international accounting standards.

ACCT 427 • Auditing (3 units)

Prerequisite: ACCT 325 with a “C” or better. How to conduct external audits or become internal financial managers of organizations that are audited. United States auditing standards are studied and compared to international standards. Course topics include generally accepted auditing standards, fraudulent financial reporting and audit failure, effective internal control procedures, and the influence of the Securities and Exchange Commission on oversight of the accounting profession.

ACCT 428 • Advanced Accounting (3 units)

Prerequisite: ACCT 325 with a “C” or better. The course covers complex accounting and reporting for corporate and non-corporate entities, for profit and not-for-profit entities. It compares and contrasts accounting and financial reporting for partnerships, for-profit complex corporate entities, state and local governments, health and welfare organizations, and government and non-government universities.

ACCT 440 • Federal Taxation – Individual (3 units)

Prerequisite: ACCT 325 with a “C” or better. The course covers federal income taxation as it applies to individuals. This is an introduction to the federal tax model and how to apply it to the components of taxable income, tax credits, and types of taxes.

ACCT 442 • Federal Taxation – Corporate (3 units)

Prerequisite: ACCT 440 with a “C” or better. The subject matter of this course is federal income taxation as it applies to partnerships, fiuciaries and corporations. It builds on the federal tax model presented in ACCT 440, emphasizing concepts about issues specific to corporations.

ACCT 490 • Seminar (1-3 units)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and Chair may be required. Mutual investigation of one topic in accounting of particular relevance to upper division majors. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.