Accounting Career Paths

Curious about what you can do with an accounting degree? Want to dispel the “stereotype” of who accountants are or what they do?

Professional associations and societies are a wealth of information and resources. These organizations conduct research in the accounting, tax, forensic, and advisory fields and on such issues as fraud and work/life balance. They provide advice and links for career search preparation and job listings, scholarships, local chapters, membership, or CPA exam preparation and application.

The California Board of Accountancy issues certified public accounting licenses; therefore their website has information about licensing, issues related to licensing, or status of licensees in the state.

Public accounting firms’ websites have a wealth of information about their firm, career opportunities, job search preparation, research, and about the profession. Government agencies, such as the County of Orange, Federal Bureau of Investigation, State Board of Equalization, or Central Intelligence Agency, maintain websites that provide information about their agencies and career opportunities.

Business Administration Career Paths

Completion of a business undergraduate degree provides preparation for a diverse range of careers including: social work, politics, law, public administration, urban and environmental planning, public relations, personnel, criminal justice, counseling and other service professions. In addition, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration can also prepare you for advanced studies in: business, gerontology, social welfare, environmental studies, education, public health and urban planning.

International Business Career Paths

The world has become a global marketplace, and all types of businesses are seeking to expand their operations across national borders and into the world. Multinational corporations, joint ventures, financial institutions, law firms, consulting firms and manufacturers of both goods and services cater to an international clientele.

Most internationally-oriented jobs in the business world involve marketing, sales, finance, operations and strategic planning and are found in the United States; although some positions might involve working abroad. Typically, businesses with overseas operations will hire foreign nationals rather than expatriate Americans.

Marketing Career Paths