Business is the study of all aspects of social life. Completion of a business undergraduate degree provides preparation for a diverse range of careers, including: social work, politics, law, public administration, urban and environmental planning, public relations, personnel, criminal justice, counseling and other service professions. In addition, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration can also prepare you for advanced studies in: business, gerontology, social welfare, environmental studies, education, public health and urban planning.

Various Fields in Business



Tax Planning and Compliance General Management
Auditing Human Resources
Information Systems Office Systems
Management Advising Services Operations
General Accounting Production Management
Cost Accounting Quality Control
Public Accounting


Corporate Accounting Sales


Customer Relations
Research and Forecasting Purchasing/Procurement
Economic Advising Retail
Teaching Banking


Market Research
Corporate Financial Management Brand/Product Management

Transportation & Logistics

Personal Financial Planning Scheduling
Real Estate Physical Distribution
Insurance Planning and Regulation
Money Management Transportation Carrier Management
Investment Banking Materials Management

General Business

Customer Service
Management Purchasing
Sales Consulting
Marketing Third Party Logistics
Insurance: Sales, Claims, Underwriting