A visit to Capital Bank to discover how businesses get started

I am honored to have had the privilege to attend a small field trip with my Managing within the Law class on October 19, 2011.  My journey to Capital Bank in San Juan Capistrano was a great and memorable experience that has helped me expose the way I view things in starting a business. To be honest, I really was not in the mood to visit a bank because I had two mid-terms earlier that day, but little did I know that this excursion was going to exceeded my expectations.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a nice gentleman named John McGill, the Executive Vice President of the bank. He presented himself and gave us a brief introduction about his life; there after informed us that he called 30 of his close friends and elaborated on his idea of starting a bank. Although a huge risk, he persuaded his buddies to invest a large sum of money to start the bank that is now known as Capital Bank. Amongst the 30 people there was a well respected man as we all know as Professor Ed. Westbrook. He gave us a quick tour and enlightened us with the progress they have made with the bank since it opened on Marched 26, 2008. Capital Bank started at a stock level of $10 dollars a share, and since then have sky- rocketed to $24 dollars a share.

After the tour the class was brought into an elegant conference room where we were presented with waters and snacks to munch on while Mr. McGill informed us the process and all the requirements needed to start a bank. He explained that they had to get approved by the Federal Reserve System and meet all the regulations that they required. Since John McGill and associates had experience in the banking industry they managed to open just on time, being one of the last banks in California approved to carry out business. The information that was portrayed to us is something that will help me improve my business strategies for the future.

Shawn Castellanos
Vanguard University Student

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