This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements.

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies that are approved for biology credit includes the following courses. This is not a complete list. Registration for Au Sable courses requires the permission of a Vanguard/Au Sable faculty representative.

ENVS 302: Limnology (4 units)

Prerequisites: one year of biology and one year of general chemistry. Studies lakes and streams; applications to planning and management; introduces immunology; investigates representative lakes and streams of the region. Summer Session II.

ENVS 321: Animal Ecology (4 units)

Prerequisite: one year of introductory science. Studies interrelationships between animals and their biotic and physical environments; emphasizes behavioral aspects. Fieldwork on ecology of northern Michigan fauna from a stewardship perspective. Summer Session I.

ENVS 471: Conservation Biology (4 units)

Studies principles of conservation biology; applications to sustainable human society and biospheric integrity. Develops a stewardship perspective rooted in biological principles and directed at conservation of plant and animal species, biotic communities, ecosystems and human society. Summer Session I.

ENVS 477: Plant Ecology (4 units)

Interrelationships between plants and their physical and biotic environments; plant-animal interactions; plant community compositions and development; and modern methods of ordination and quantitative analysis with applications to conservation and stewardship. Summer Session I.

Other Au Sable courses have Departmental approval for credit for Science majors, Liberal Studies majors, or lab science credit. The cost of tuition per unit for Au Sable is the same as Vanguard University units. Registration and tuition payments are arranged for and paid through Vanguard University. See Department Chair in Biology for more information regarding approved courses and the Au Sable program.