Sociology Major Core Requirements: 46 units

Lower Division

9 units

SOC 100C Introduction to Sociology 3 units
ANTH 102C Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 units
SOC 265C Introduction to Statistical Methods 3 units

Upper Division

19 units

SOC 332 Marriage and Family 3 units
SOC 343 Class, Race, Ethnicity and Gender 3 units
SOC 365 Sociological Theory 3 units
SOC 369 Research Design and Methods 3 units
SOC 369L Research Design and Methods Lab 1 unit
SOC 460A* Field Practicum 3-4 units
SOC 462A* Sociology Research Practicum 3-4 units
SOC 490CNeed to take
SOC 460A or
SOC 462A
Senior Seminar 3 units


18 units

SOC 258 Sociology of Sports and Human Movement 3 units
SOC 305 Criminology and the Criminal Justice System 3 units
SOC 320 Social and Cultural Change 3 units
SOC 324 Social Psychology 3 units
SOC 330 Social Problems 3 units
SOC 334 Gender, Culture, and Society 3 units
SOC 335 Social/Psychological Aspects of Aging 3 units
SOC 345 Family Violence 3 units
SOC 346 Human Sexuality 3 units
SOC 349 Religion & Society 3 units
SOC 352 Urban Sociology 3 units
SOC 355 Survey of Human Services 3 units
SOC 362 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice 3 units
SOC 367 Sociology of Corrections 3 units
SOC 373 Deviant Behavior 3 units
SOC 374 Dynamics of Organizations 3 units
SOC 422 Social Entrepreneurship 3 units
SOC 429 Health, Disease, and Globalization: Foundations of Epidemiology 3 units
SOC 430 Religion & Human Rights in the World 3 units
SOC 440 Clinical Sociology 3 units
SOC 442 Globalization and Development 3 units
SOC 450 Teaching Internship in Sociology 1-3 units
SOC 455 Sociology Research Assistantship 1-3 units
SOC 460B Field Practicum 1-4 units
SOC 462B Sociology Research Practicum 1-4 units
SOC 465 Transforming Communities Seminar 3 units
SOC 468 Law and Society 3 units
SOC 470 Special Topics in Sociology 1-3 units
SOC 480 Individual Studies in Sociology 1-3 units

An exit interview and exam are required of all graduating seniors. The exit exam is designed to assess the mastery of concepts, principles and knowledge expected of students at the conclusion of the sociology major.

Sociology Minor

21 units

SOC 100C Introduction to Sociology 3 units
SOC 332 Marriage and the Family 3 units
SOC 343 Class, Race, Ethnicity and Gender 3 units
Electives in Sociology 12 units

NOTE: At least half of all units must be taken at Vanguard University. In
completing the requirements for the minor, a minimum of 12 units must be distinct
and different from the units used to complete the requirements of a major. Any
units above this minimum requirement which can be used to satisfy both the
requirements for the minor and for the major may be double counted.

* This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements.