The sociology major seeks to equip student scholars with the theoretical, methodological, substantive and practical tools necessary to investigate, understand and engage contemporary and future social life.

Why Major in Sociology at Vanguard University?

Understanding the World We Live In

The Sociology degree focuses on understanding social processes and institutions, and on how these influence individuals; in turn, how individuals also affect society. We study how social situations develop, how norms are formed and changed, and how sociologists can assist social processes. There are specific studies of social groups, social institutions and organizations. Study topics are integrated into a discussion of Christian principles in order to establish one’s moral obligation to society.

Sociology studies social order, social conflict and social change. It reveals the impact of social forces on people and contributes to an understanding of our complex social world. As part of a Christian university, the sociology major confronts contemporary social issues by integrating efforts toward positive social change with vital aspects of Christian faith and practice.

Broad Career Opportunities

The sociology major provides a foundation for careers in education, counseling, law and law enforcement, social welfare, public relations, journalism, government, business, Christian ministry and any other career that requires an understanding of human behavior and organization. Students have substantial flexibility to select courses in areas that match their interests and career goals. The major is also a gateway to numerous graduate programs in various areas of academic and professional specialization. The major provides students with opportunities to put sociological ideas into practice and research. Opportunities are available for Sociology Research Assistantships and Community Internships.

The Sociology Minor makes an excellent addition to any major field of study in which the student will be working with people, groups, organizations or communities.

The Sociology Concentration is designed for liberal studies majors desiring to make sociology an area of emphasis in their preparation for a career in public or private school teaching.

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