Anthropology and Sociology Mission Statement

Equipping the next generation of scholar-practitioners to be professionally competent social scientists who are devoted to the public good.

Who We Are

We are a community of learners dedicated to comprehending the cultural and social dimensions of human existence. The program is based on a collaborative learning model wherein faculty and students work together to systematically study human cultural diversity and to analyze the complex relationship that exists between human beings and the social processes and the institutions they create. We offer students rigorous preparation in social science theory and method and provide regular opportunities for field research with the aim of developing their capacity to apply social science to problem-solving in diverse professional contexts. Our faculty work closely with their students to help them discover their vocation and strengthen their engagement with and in Jesus’ kingdom. Finally, we strive to cultivate in our students a moral vision of professional life so that they remain committed to advancing the public good in the vocations they pursue as Vanguard alumni.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To cultivate a sociological and anthropological imagination
  • To understand the role of theory and its application in social scientific research
  • To utilize diverse quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • To communicate sociological and anthropological knowledge to diverse audiences
  • To appreciate the role of research in solving human problems and strengthening human well-being
  • To learn how to live and work anthropologically and sociologically as an apprentice of Jesus