Dr. Gil’s Reviews

Dr. Vince Gil, Professor of Anthropology, recently reviewed Johanna Hood’s book, “HIV/AIDS, Health, and the Media in China”, published in 2011 by Routledge Publishers. The review appears in the Journal, East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine, v.20, 2012.

He also reviewed the research article “Promoting female condom in the sex industry: Four towns of southern China: Context matters”  by Li, N., et.al, 2012.  Published in the Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, v.12(4), 2012 (pp tbd).


Dr. Stephanie D’Auria, Assistant Professor of Sociology

In addition to presenting a paper with Dr. Clarke at the California Sociological Association Conference November 4-5, 2011, Dr. Stephanie D’Auria will be attending the American Society of Criminologists conference the week of November 14th in order to serve on the Women and Crime Committee.  She is also working on a paper concerning “how gender has shaped the social provision in the U.S., and more generally how gender can serve as an interpretive lens for viewing the American welfare state.”  It will be published in the Oxford Handbook of the American Welfare State.

On December 1st, Dr. D’Auria will be speaking at Saddleback Community College with Norma Cumpian, a woman recently released from prison after eighteen years.  They will be discussing the process of transitioning from prison into communities with an emphasis on how gender shapes this process.

Christina Ryder, Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Christina Ryder is the CEO of the Grantwell, LLC (a company that provides grant writing assistance to non-profit groups) and teaches sociology courses at Missouri State University, Drury University, and VUSC as an adjunct faculty member. She is currently participating in various research projects including projects in applied sociology, homeless youth, and the homeless populations in California and Missouri.  She has presented, and will be presenting, papers on these projects at various professional conferences in 2011-2012.  Through her company and through her roles at VUSC, Missouri State, and Drury University, Christina has facilitated student internships and research assistantships allowing for students to participate in and co-author many of these papers and projects. In October 2011, Christina was appointed by the mayor to the Human Rights Commission in Springfield, Missouri.

Update on Dr. Ed Clarke

Dr. Ed Clarke, Associate Professor of Sociology, is currently training city personnel and volunteers to conduct an enumeration of the homeless in Costa Mesa, California.  The last count took place on October 24, 2011 .  Additionally, he will be presenting a paper at the California Sociological Association with Dr. Stephanie D’Auria on the consequences of declining educational support.  While at CSA, Dr. Clarke will also be presenting two papers with current students Eric de Roulet and Mark Gutierrez.  The conference will be held in Berkeley on November 4-5, 2011.