Chapter Meetings

At over 50 locations from the West Coast to the Midwest, Chapter meetings have been held and provide an excellent opportunity for alumni to become acquainted, socialize, and to hear “first hand” about campus developments.

To find out more about meetings in your area, or to organize your own, please call the Alumni Office at (714) 966-5494 or send an inquiry to

Committee Member

Volunteers are needed to help with planning Homecoming, Chapter Meetings, Class Reunions, and other alumni events. You can play a central role in the success of alumni activities and help assure the quality of “life after VU” for your fellow alumni. Please call the Alumni Office at (714) 966-5494 or send an email request to if you are interested in serving on a committee.


Vanguard University’s Alumni Association does not charge dues. But it should come as no surprise that one of the most fundamental ways alumni contribute to the college is through financial gifts. Each year, alumni just like you generously give to students through scholarships, classroom technology and other special projects. Not only do more than 90% of Vanguard students rely on financial aid help, but the financial support of Alumni is directly linked to the success of Foundation Grant funding, and also heavily influences the University placement in the prestigious US News & World Report rankings. Please consider making a contribution today.

You may send your gifts directly to the Office Alumni Relations, or if you would like more information regarding donation opportunities, please call (714) 966-5494 or send an e-mail request to


Current students look to alumni who have the same major or career interest. You can assist future alumni in career decisions. To offer ideas or to get involved in mentoring with students, please call the Alumni Office at (714) 966-5494 or send an email request to

Student Recruitment

One of the most important contributions you can make is to talk to others about Vanguard University. Let people know where you went to college and tell them what you feel are the best aspects of an education at Vanguard University. Alumni can spread the kind of important data that cannot be gleaned from a view book, video, catalog or even a web site!