Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to further the goals of deepening alumni engagement, connecting the broader alumni community, and supporting current and future students through the development of mutually beneficial relationships.  The board serves to bridge the gap between Vanguard, the student experiences and greater alumni community. Board members volunteer to support the work of Vanguard, engage fellow alumni, and introduce Vanguard to ever expanding networks of influence.

Board Expectations


Vanguard alumni board members serve as representatives of the 25,000+ member alumni association in advising the alumni office and university administrators within the context of the university mission. Individual members serve as ambassadors to and advocates for the university and the alumni association and provide a communication link to and from the alumni constituency. It seeks to promote opportunities which foster active alumni participation in educational, professional and social programming.

The alumni board is composed of 12 members, which reflects, as closely as possible, the actual decade and geographic composition of the totally active alumni population. Meeting attendance is critical; plan on attending the three meetings each year.


The alumni board seeks to further the ministry of the university and the alumni association in the following ways:

1. Attend semi-annual alumni board meetings.

2. Pray for the faculty, staff and students of Vanguard University.

3. Support the University as an annual donor to whatever extent is financially possible.

4. Seek out and encourage talented alumni for the board and alumni activity leadership.

5. Assist the college in identifying, cultivating, and involving alumni in areas such as student recruitment, job placement, and financial support.

6. Be familiar with the programs and activities sponsored by the alumni office and participate in them to the extent possible, including major campus events.

7. Serve actively on board committees and task forces as assigned

8. Be an ambassador, publicist, and advocate of the alumni association and of Vanguard University in your community. This could involve talking with prospective students, meeting with other alumni, attending local alumni events, and more.

9. Provide feedback and counsel to the University on significant issues

10. Offer ideas to help make the alumni association meaningful to the alumni constituency and initiate board activities.

Mission Statement

As an Assemblies of God university the purpose of Vanguard University is to pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith, and equip each student for a life of leadership and service.


The Alumni board consists of a president, vice president, at-large members, Homecoming representative, and chapter leaders who each serve a three-year term (with the exception of the president-elect and vice president, which are one-year positions). The president of the alumni association serves a three-year term on the board of Trustees.