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Borrowing & Circulation Policies

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Circulation Policies

In order to check out materials, all patrons need to be entered into our computer system and must show a valid picture ID, such as a current student ID or a current driver’s license. There is no separate library card.

Due Dates

The normal checkout period is 21 days. Items placed on reserve by professors are generally library use only. You may renew books in person, by phone (714-966-6381), or online unless another patron has requested the materials you have checked out.

When you check out materials, you will receive a list of the items you are checking out, plus any you have previously checked out and still have. However, patrons with overdues or fines over $5.00 will not be able to check out any materials until their account has been settled.


Although we’re a Christian university, there’s a limit to our grace! Charges for overdue materials are listed below:

Regular checkouts $.25 per day
1-week$.25 per day
2-hour$.50 per hour
1-day$.10 per hour
dvds$1.00 per day
Maximum fine$15.00

Lost Books

If you check out material and fail to return it, we consider it to be lost. If you’re a VUSC student, you will be notified that your Vanguard student account will be charged for the overdue fine and replacement costs (which may run over $100 per item). If you’re a guest patron, you will receive a bill. The minimum cost to replace any lost item is $25.00, plus late fees. The maximum cost will be the amount charged the library. Items that cannot be located or are out of print will be an automatic $100.00 charge, plus late fees. If you’ve lost something and want to replace it yourself, this must be done within a month and the replacement item must be in good condition. DVDs and music CDs must be new. After one month, the library will replace the item and charge you for it.


The library reserves the right to recall any item checked out if it is needed by another patron. In that case, the person with the book checked out will have two days to return it. If not returned promptly, a fine will be placed on the person’s record.

Suspension of Checkout Privileges

The library will suspend checkout privileges of anyone who is consistently overdue with materials, or whose contact information has expired or is wrong. It’s the responsibility of the patron to notify the library if their phone number or email has changed.

Non-Circulating Materials

Some items do not circulate outside the library without a librarian’s permission. These include:

  • Archival materials
  • Reference materials
  • Periodicals
  • Rare and Pentecostal Collection books
  • Microfiche and microfilm
  • Yearbooks

Checkout Policies for Faculty

Contact person: Jack Morgan (x6380 or jack.morgan@vanguard.edu)

Faculty are able to check out most materials for the entire semester. While reference materials, the Pentecostal Collection and periodicals do not normally circulate, faculty may check out these items for a short period. At the end of each semester, faculty will receive a list of items they still have checked out. At that time books can be renewed or returned. Faculty will be billed for the replacement cost of lost items. If other family members are going to check out using your card, please contact Jack. Faculty emeriti and adjunct faculty have the same checkout privileges as full-time faculty. Please note that the librarians reserve the right to recall items that are checked out if other patrons need them.

Checking Out Periodicals

Contact person: Jack Morgan (x6380 or jack.morgan@vanguard.edu)

Periodicals do not normally circulate. However, faculty may check out periodicals for a short period of time.


Guests from the community or from other universities are welcome to use the library and its databases. Guests who want to have checkout privileges pay a fee to do so. They are also welcome to use computers (limited to two hours) only when demand isn’t high. The Library will not fulfill interlibrary loan requests for guest accounts. Guests must complete a registration form and provide a utility bill and library staff will make a copy of their ID. The O. Cope Budge Library is a private academic library which primarily serves its student community. The library staff reserves the right to accept or rescind guest privileges due to our community needs. Contact a librarian for more information.