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Course Reserves

Course reserves can be found on the first floor of the library at the circulation desk. Search for items on one of the two “look-up” computers at the circulation desk.

To search course reserves by professor or course click here.

Course reserves items are library use only and are checked out for two hour intervals. Pages can be scanned and saved to a USB or on your phone or tablet. There is no charge to use the scanner. Photocopiers are also available. Copies costs 10 cents per page. Due to copyright law, it is illegal to scan or copy the entire book. Only 10% of the book can be reproduced.

Here is a video tutorial on how to search course reserves: Finding Course Reserves

Information for Faculty

Placing books & articles on reserve

To place an item on reserve, faculty must fill out a form indicating the class in which the item will be used and the type of reserve (2-hour, library use only, etc…).

When placing items on reserve, please follow these guidelines:

  • You must complete the Course Reserves form – one for each class.
  • Please submit the form along with the reserve materials 2 weeks before the start of the semester.
  • Only circulating library material and professor-owned copies can be placed on reserve. If you are placing a personal copy on reserve, please keep in mind it will be tattle taped (security tape) and a call number sticker will be placed on the spine or front cover along with a “library use only” sticker. The student will be billed for any lost personal copies. It will be the faculty member’s responsibility to replace the item.
  • Course readers cannot be placed on reserve.
  • If you are planning on placing only a book chapter on reserve, make sure that it is less than 10% of the entire book.
  • Please check whether or not you need copyright clearance for the item. If you are unsure, refer to the Course Reserves Copyright section below or contact Pam Crenshaw.
  • Please do not tell students an item is on reserve until it is actually in the library. Allow at least a day for materials to be processed.

Please contact Pam Crenshaw for any questions: p.crenshaw@vanguard.edu or 714-966-6377.

Course Reserves Copyright

  • If the item being placed on reserve is not a reproduction and was purchased by either the institution or the professor, permission from the copyright holder is not required.
  • Faculty may place unpublished material on reserves only if the item is written by the professor or if the faculty member was given permission by the creator. Permission documentation along with time frame of the permission must be submitted to the library.